Xu Ma

I am Xu Ma, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of North Texas. My advisor is Dr. Song Fu. Now, my major is Computer Science & Engineering and I am focus on Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, and Computer Vision(Autonomous Vehicle).


Computer Science

Nanjing Forestry University
2011.09 - 2015.06
The main interest lies in the web front-end technology, web page background server.

Computer Science

Nanjing Forestry University
2015.09 - 2018.07
In the graduate stage, my research intersts are pattern recognition and machine learning, especially focusing on support vector machines and feature selection.

Computer Science and Engineering

University of North Texas
2018.08 - Now
Now, I'm interest in the Computer Vision for Autonomous Vehicles.

Professional Skills

Language Skills

Java Matlab Python php Javascript HTML SQL R


Java SpringMVC Spring Structs Hibernate Ibatis
php CodeIgniter
python scikit-learn TensorFlow Keras
Node.js Express
Javascript JQuery extjs